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Bagdad - Barcelona

Bagdad - Barcelona

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Bagdad - Barcelona

Bagdad - Barcelona

Bagdad à Barcelone c’est le show érotique le plus connu de la ville. Une vingtaine « d’artistes » pour les classiques du show érotique: duo lesbien, brouette catalane, live sex..


Adresse : C/Nou de la Rambla, 103
Code postal : 08001
Ville : Barcelona -
Quartier : El Raval
Courriel :
Site web : Bagdad - Barcelone
Horaires d'ouverture : Ouvert tous les jours de 23 à 4 heures 30
Prix : 90€ / personne avec un verre
Tél. : (+34) 934 420 777
Tél. 2 : Fax (+34) 934 428 002
Métro/Bus : Paral.lel (L3)

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the best place
fran (12 mai 2015 - 08:54)
Bag dad might be expensive but worth going there. It have been to Amsterdam but there is no place like bagdad in western Europe. Got onto the stage with port actress and can't just express how profesional theses por stars are. The blow job and the sea o got with them is perfect. Is not going to be the last when it come back to Barcelona
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39 commentaires

  1. Bagdad - White Sugar (3 nov 2012 - 08:00)

    Great place!!! Loved it!!!! 9 out of 10!!!!

  2. other perspective - lovely (11 oct 2012 - 10:00)

    got dragged there by my guy!!!! silly me!!!!!! so from the start he wanted some 'fun' - so with chemical enhancement - he got hauled up on stage and I think the girls got a bit of a suprise! Then they turned on me and tried to drag me up with him. I declined, so they were left to deal with him..........
    Not a place I'd ever want to go back to, and if all these guys want to suck little cocks, good luck to them, but to pay €300 is just stupid.............

  3. Bagdad Live Sex Show - Goleo (11 oct 2012 - 09:45)

    Gute Live Sex Show man ist ganz nah dran.
    Die Tänzerinnen holen Gäste aus dem Publikum. Man kann sich dann einen blasen lassen. Nur das Problem das sollte man wissen die Show wird ins Internet übertragen.
    Getränke sehr teuer. Bei den 90€ ist ein Freigetränk dabei. Aber hübsche Frauen.

  4. Awsome shit! - Da Dudeman (2 oct 2012 - 08:15)

    This is da place 2 be for a guys night out! Hot chiks. Just chill out in the movie theater seats and check out the show. Dont buy anything for the girls, they will order drinks of 30 euro´s plus. Great show, great atmosphere!

  5. I agree - a totally rip-off - Once (21 août 2012 - 08:15)

    I went there one night in beginning of august 2012. 90€ entrance, but then the real money started flowing... The girls are EXCPERTS in making you pay more than you planned before you entered the club. But they are VERY good looking. Some of the Romanian girls are like taken out of a magazine, but you don’t get anywhere – even if you pay A LOT for a private room… My wallet was empty when I left – and so was my credit cards… Sorry – WILL NEVER GO BACK!

  6. cost - p cronin (25 avr 2012 - 09:30)

    what a rip off. never again

  7. I can recommend other clubs with free entrance and more recommendable - Matt (28 oct 2011 - 11:15)

    I was in Barcelona for a congress a few months ago and my mates told me about Bagdad. I wanted to have fun but not spending a lot on it.
    I don't like to pay and entrance fee without knowing in advance how the club is so paying 90€ just to get it it's not good to me.
    We heard about a night club called Villalola where apart of going lap dances, stripteases and the like you can watch football matches so be went there just to see how it was (i wanted to relax watching a football match before going to the "matter"). We spent a really good time, we didn't pay an entrance fee, drinks were not much expensive and a was with a beautiful girl who deleight us with a sensual striptease. Wowww!!
    I'm not saying that Bagdad is bad but you can spend such a good time without finish the night broken :)

    Chech their web out:

  8. BAGDAD in BARNA ( BARCELONA ) - CHINOK (6 août 2011 - 11:30)

    Many years ago, in Olympic Games in BARCELONA - SPAIN ( Year 1992 ), the BAGDAD was a best beautifull place for erotic show in the Europe and in other countrys. Due at mi JOB I have been many times in BARNA, I now the Shows in Nederland and in Germany. The best is BAGDAD. "" PROBLEM "", the price ticket has been incremented year to year. In the year 2000 the first STAR was SOFHIE EVANS and his partener ( WEEDING in BARNA ). The last time that Me was in BARNA year 2008, the price are 60,00 €.,,, But,,, NOT PEOPLE in the shown, only 8 or 10 Japanese People.The ladies trying contanter with the Guest, ( 600 € for FUCK ), in the upper flow. Now I has read that the Bagdad want open a new

  9. Great Show - German (22 juil 2011 - 08:45)

    War neulich im Bagdad. Großartige Show. Nachdem mehrere Gäste aus dem Publikum auf der Bühne gbelasen wurden, wurde auch ich auf die Bühne geholt. Sie zog mir das Gummi mit dem Mund über und legte los. War sehr geil, wäre beinahe gekommen. Als sie ihren Slip auszog, musste ich zu meiner Überraschung feststellen, das ich zum ersten Mal von einer Transe geblasen wurde...

    Auch die anderen showacts waren heiß, lesbenshows, live-sex alles dabei. Die Tänzerinnen kommen während und nach der Show an die Bar und versuchen die Gäste zu animieren, etwas auszugeben und wahrscheinlich auch mehr.... Habe mich rausgehalten, kann also nicht sagen, was der schampus kostet, aber ein glas Cola kostet 15 EUR...

    Trotzdem waren die 90 EUR [inkl. einem Freigetränk] gut angelegt.

  10. dont go there - me (22 juil 2011 - 08:45)

    i have to agree with Sailor Sam s review, not a place to go... avoid at all cost, total rip off... they ripped me for over 3 grand!! people really avoid it's not worth it!

  11. Rip off and drugs - Sailor Sam (21 mai 2011 - 10:00)

    Don´t go here. I did, and that night there was few people there. ...That must be the reason why I was drugged and ripped off for thousands of euros. I have been to strip tease-places lots of times before and know what to do and don´t. ...I also had to see the doctor when I came home. Luckily i didn´t have a girlfriend at the time (but surely wouldn´t go there then of course).


  12. Bagdad Club - steve (14 mai 2011 - 11:30)

    Very expensive but worth every penny. Once in a life time experience. Girls are very beautiful but watch out for the £60 glass of bubbly scam. Private dances available and amazing. Single guy, couple or stag its a must.....

  13. ad - marie (6 mai 2011 - 09:15)

    je voudrais connaître les coordonnées de ma belle Claudia à qui je pense très souvent, merci

  14. Bagdad Cafe - Bob Marsh (26 jan 2011 - 09:30)

    I have been there several times. Always invited up on stage. Enjoyed being stripped totally naked by the dancers. Twice have cum to cheers of the audience.
    Last time most beautiful girl I've ever seen pulled me onstage. I was so excited that, when she took off her g-string and revealed a pretty little cock, I sucked her. Audience went wild. Never did such a thing before but I did it again in the next show.

  15. Good - Farzan (29 nov 2010 - 20:30)

    I payed 300 Euros to have sex with a very beautiful girl ! WoW !

  16. Bagdad - Norway (23 nov 2010 - 02:58)

    270 Euros for 30 minutes of sex in the backroom with the hottest girl in the club is not bad!

  17. show für ein paar? - Nikki (19 sept 2010 - 21:30)

    Ist diese sho nur für männer oder auch für paare

  18. bagdad - dante (7 août 2010 - 23:30)

    i went there for the first time . didnt know the strippers and one of them puled me on stage but she still had her cloth on and she gave me a bj when i got off stage she continued stripping and FUCK SHE HAD A FUCKING DICK MAN !!!!! ... i was so freaked out .. but it was hilarious when everyone saw my facial expression
    but i wana know the prices for the private shows like a lapdance and stuff ??!?!

  19. bagdad - visitor (26 fév 2010 - 09:45)

    I will go to Barcelona soon. can anyone give me some advice on Bagdad? which girl is best for private show ?

  20. Bagdad July 2009 - WS (13 oct 2009 - 09:30)

    The place was not full on a Friday night. Good looking girls try to get you to buy them expensive drinks (60 Euros per beer). Don't go for it. I was the first one to be pulled from crowd onto stage. Melissa sucked my dick good on stage then bent over & I fucked her doggy style good to cheers from the audience. Later one girl said for 300 Euros we could go to back room & fuck. She was good looking but there are loads of hot girls providing all services for much cheaper in Barcelona. It is worth a visit. Almost every guy in sparse crowd got his cock sucked on stage if he wanted to. One guy got a good fuck and blew load while chick rode on his dick!

  21. ufff que palo...forget it - marc (25 août 2009 - 12:15)

    was realy horrible and it's not worth paying this money...better to do a party at home with 2 or 3 friends and invite a profesional will have more fun :-)))

  22. General - Antonio (18 juin 2009 - 07:52)

    I was there several times but years ago.It certainly was never full but the show was really good and the girls really beautiful.Was not aware of sex on the premises then

  23. for james - show (17 juin 2009 - 17:55)

    angelina is great!
    she always gives me fantastic blowjobs!

  24. Great - lover (17 déc 2008 - 15:30)

    I’ve been and it’s the best value in Barcelona. There are funny parts and the girls outside the stage who poledance without underwear will try to get you to part with several hundred Euros for Champaign. If you’re really stupid I will explain. The campaign is the payment mechanism to enable you to have sex with the girl. I didn’t personally have sex but wanted to badly. God they were hot hot hot.

  25. fucked on stage - jp (3 oct 2008 - 06:26)

    guys, dont bother paying the full 90 euros, i bargined with the bouncers told them i was a student .... he brought it down to 50 euros, and i got a blowjob and fucked on stage.... it cant get better then that.

  26. Actor porno - Eduardo (25 août 2008 - 03:22)

    me gustaria saber si puedo ser actor porno vivo en Quito-Ecuador- AmericA DEL sUR. MI NUMERO de celular es 099951391

  27. too cheap - almanyouk (20 juil 2008 - 03:00)

    hello there,
    i've been last weekend it'was low quality with high prices
    que se vayan a la mierda
    vaya jodido porn-show

  28. ola para ser actor porno que tengo hacer - ola para ser actor porno que tengo hacer (11 juin 2008 - 13:51)

    ola me gustaria proba si sirvo para el porno que tengo hacer para hacer actor porno ?

  29. bagdad club - james mexico (28 mai 2008 - 23:56)

    last week i was there three times...price too 90 Euros. Got ripped of by a girl called Angelina.She made me buy a Champaign which I found Later was for 100 Euros & private Show of 20 minutes for 150 Euros during which she gave me the worst BJ was painful.

  30. i can not believe this place - Hero Hunter (2 fév 2008 - 15:56)

    i am fom egypt>>so i have bought manwomen>>>and ths lae had two girls on stag with me lickng both by "testis">>>>nedless to say i lew a wad in one f there mouth>>>>

  31. high price - fernando (8 oct 2007 - 12:20)

    i been there last sunday but not as iwas thuinking so many peopels ther was few peopels and i dont enjoy and i ask some body there what happen thay told me price is so high so not many peopels coms becaz so many cheap places and girls availabel if any 1 wanna enjoy he preffer to go for reasonabel prices so i should say to managment make down the prices so more and more peopels can enjoy

  32. Bagdad - diverman (25 août 2007 - 14:00)

    Great HAVE to go here once.....unlike anywhere else. 60 Euros may sound steep but where else would you get a free San miguel........and a blowjob from a fantastic looking chick !

  33. Bagdad sous les bombes - Giant Koukou (17 août 2007 - 16:13)

    belle prestation du nain!!!

  34. bagdad show - turista (28 juin 2007 - 16:16)

    peccato che hanno alzato il prezzo d ingresso
    le ragazze sono sempre belle e la pompa di gruppo merita

  35. awesome - tourist from us (29 avr 2007 - 06:53)

    the 70€ cover charge was well worth it on a friday night, an experience i don't think i'll forget..

  36. show - (5 avr 2007 - 14:37)

    bello spettacolo..bella ragazze..difficile non farsi trascinare sul palco per la pompa di gruppo..

  37. LO SHOW - RIKKARDINO (17 fév 2007 - 19:58)


  38. show érotique - pierre (12 oct 2006 - 22:48)

    j'ai visité le club, mais il faut dire que ce show était superbe

  39. Bagdad Sex Show - Sexy (3 oct 2006 - 21:47)

    The price is too high.We were in the club on Sunday night and the place was empty. As a result, the show was cold and too technical without any emotions. However, I have to mentions that the girls are very beatiful and sexy.
    Bottom line: it didn't turn me on.

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